Grease Buildup in the Lines

Most grease stoppages are caused by a gradual build-up over a period of time. Occasionally stoppages are caused by one large overload but this is very rare.


Stoppages caused by grease build-up are often more involved than one may think. There may be more than one blockage point and there may be other spots on the verge. In order to get rid of greasy build-ups and to keep them from returning, a preventive maintenance program using NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC professional drainage and waste concentrate is recommended. Proper weekly doses of NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC injected into the system will dissolve greasy build-up and keep lines running free and clear.

Small amounts of grease cling to the insides of lines and gradually build-up to form blockage. Buildup is dissolved and water flows freely, after treatment of NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC


 Slope and Settling Problems

pipePoor connections, low spots or inadequate slope to a line are usually caused by poor installation. Because of inhibited water flow, objects that would normally pass   easily  get caught and sludge builds up.

Short of replacing the lines, only a few preventive measures may be effective.

Call a local professional drain cleaning company and set up a maintenance program including weekly applications of NOKOMIS DRAIN MAGIC





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